Sciatica and Reflexology

I could have smacked him.

A regular long-term client D** complained of sciatica at this visit.

‘Reflexology has been very successful with sciatic pain’, I informed him. I went on to tell him what I would do during the treatment, which would be different from the usual procedure.

I worked really hard across the sciatic loop on the heel for several minutes, several times during the reflexology session. I also worked against the energy flow of the bladder meridian, stroking from the little toe along the side of the foot and up the leg, holding the pressure points around the ankle. I combined this with work on the partner kidney meridian.

After the treatment I explained to D** what I had done and told him about some of the outstanding results from the past. (There’s no harm in a little suggestion therapy).

Then…………..at his next treatment two weeks later when I asked him about the sciatica, he said, ‘Oh that just went away. I don’t know why. These things just come and go don’t they?’

As I said, I could have smacked him.

And after all my hard work, too!

As you can imagine, there then followed a little lecture from yours truly about the efficacy of reflexology in relieving acute sciatic pain.



Anonymous said...

You deserve a medal! I am going to try your techniques...8 months is too long to suffer

Anonymous said...

i will try your technique as i've jsut got rid of a kidney stone but left me with sciatica so this all makes sense to me...or i might try and find a reflexlogoist my way lol

Footloose said...

Good luck and I hope you are feeling much better very soon.

Anonymous said...
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Evie said...

I was in so much pain last night with a pinched sciatic nerve, and just before I went to sleep I looked up reflexology on your website. I massaged my heel a little bit myself and went to bed. Somehow in the middle of the night all of my pain has gone away!

Footloose said...

Wonderful. I'm really glad it helped. Sciatic pain is excrutiating - but you don't need me to tell you that! Do watch your posture and don't sit for too long at a time.

Anonymous said...

wow thats great i will do that to my granny

Tracey said...

I have had sciatica for 2 years - acupuncture worked for a while and there was a whole week when I wasn't in any pain. My daughter has told me to reflexology so I will give it a go. So draining being in pain for so long, feel like 93 not 53. Doc has had me on Tramodol for the past year and to be honest it just relieves the pain for a while.

Anonymous said...

I have sciatica the last 3 months and its agony at times. I started reflexology 2 weeks ago and have had 3 sessions. Does the pain get worse before it gets better because thats what it feels like? Feel good after the reflexology but its only temporary and then its chronic for few days after.

Footloose said...

In my experience, the pain does not get worse before it gets better. The clients I have been able to help have all had immediate relief from pain which has lasted until a recognisable trigger eg a long car journey, a flight etc.
It seems that the reflexology is helping you to relax and so the pressure on the nerve is released temporarily, and this is encouraging, but maybe the disc is too far gone. A good physiotherapist should be your next port of call.
The other remedy might be to look at your life style. Do you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer? If so, a kneeling stool would relieve the pressure and enable the inflamation to recede. Reflexology can be very helpful, but then if you immediately go back to doing what has caused the pain in the first place, it will often return.

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