Reflexology and Sinus Pain


Wow - It happened again!

Even after giving hundreds of reflexology treatments, I still get a kick when the client's sinuses clear during the treatment. Sinus pain is so miserable it's good that reflexology can help. My client also felt the 'popping' sensation as the sinuses cleared, which often happens.

Amazing, isn't it? There I was working on the feet and the results were felt in the face.

It is such a shame that not all reflexology charts give a clear indication of the position of the sinus reflex points.

I find the most effective point is just under the top pads of the toes, slightly towards the lateral side. It is also helpful to work along the reflex for the Eustachion Tubes on the ridge under the base of the toes.

With inflamed sinuses the point can be felt like a pin head under the thumb. This can be extremely uncomfortable for the client. In my early days I was guilty of inflicting a lot of pain this way, so I have learned to proceed with caution!

To achieve a good result, my experience has been that I need to work gently on the sinus points on the toes, across both feet, for at least two minutes. Then follow on with thumb walking along the ridge under the toes. I repeat this procedure several times during a treatment.

This is such an evident confirmation of the effectiveness of reflexology. I tell all my clients that if reflexology works on blocked sinuses where you can experience the results immediately, it must surely be working just as effectively in other areas where it is not so obvious.

Business Development
Everyone of my clients who came to my house yesterday booked their next appointment. Sometimes as much as 5 0r 6 weeks ahead, but that's no problem. I like to have my diary almost full for at least two weeks in front and booking in my regulars helps this along.

Business development today was non-existent. I was due to work at another of my regular venues, but they closed because of the snow. They kindly cancelled my clients for me, but I need to contact them all today to re-book for next week.

So I had an unexpected day off. I was able to play with the dogs.

Jonti and Echo, Large Munsterlanders, and our visiting snowman. He has no feet, so no business opportunity there.

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Seymour & James said...

That's a great article on sinus treatment. It is rare to find two charts alike which can be confusing to newcomers. During my training in France, I was told that the reflex point for sinus is at the top of the fingers towards the lateral side but I have seen it further down like on your drawing. How do you work the points, just a pressure or rotations?

I have started a Reflexology Blog in English and I would welcome your comments or input if you wish. It's a blogger blog as well.

I am also translating the reflexology manual that my teacher wrote, that's a long complex project so it is not yet available but I will get there.

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