Reflexology and Constipation

I have been priviledged to work with cancer patients in a hospice.

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is often constipation.  Reflexology often helped get the bowels moving.  It was much valued by the patients and when some of them were taken off my list 
to take part in an aromatherapy trial run by the hospice, they were most upset.

I use just the normal moves for constipation, starting by working across from the small intestine on the right foot to rotate on the ileo-caecal valve.  Then I thumb walk up the ascending colon to just above the cuboid notch (hepatic flexure) then across the transverse colon over to to the left foot, down the descending colon and across to the anus/rectum.

I repeat this several times in a fluid movement from the right foot across to the left.  Then I will come back at least twice during the total treatment and repeat the procedure.                                                                                     Sometimes I use a firm pressure and sometimes a lighter pressure.  Both methods seem to be equally effective, so really the pressure is determined by the client's preference and the condition of the feet.
When using a firmer pressure, I always lift the pressure as I cross over the tendon. 

I've also found working on the acupressure point St36 and stroking along the stomach meridian from the knee to the toe may be very helpful in contributing to the success of the desired result.

For details of where to find St36  see the post under IBS label.

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Yukari Sakamoto said...

Thank you for sharing this. It is very easy to understand. I just used it with my 9 month old baby and he passed a bowel movement within 15 minutes. The doctor gave us a suppository to use and I didn't like the use of it so tried reflexology first.

Thanks again! It is so easy and your instructions are clear and simple!

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