Reflexology and Restless Legs

Reflexology may help with Restless Legs Syndrome.  I was shown this useful point so long ago, I'm afraid I can't
 remember who to credit. 

Restless legs syndrome can be so miserable.  The twitching and the need to keep on moving the legs is awful and disrupts sleep.

I tried this reflex on a very close friend who was going on a long flight.  She was desperately worried that she would have to keep getting up and walking around on the plane because she suffered so much from restless legs.  I spent about 10 minutes working on this point the previous week, and she was absolutely fine for the whole of the journey. 

I now ask everyone during my initial consultation whether they suffer from restless legs, because I know I can then include a fair amount of work on this point during the treatment.

Sometimes you can identify the problem without asking, as the reflex often shows as a slightly puffy area just in front on the ankle bone.  Beware though, this indication isn't 100% reliable.

I have since shown many clients how to work this point for themselves if they can't sleep for restless legs.  They can actually massage this point during the night.  I have tried it myself and found it to be really effective.

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